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Day 1 and it’s PANAMAZING!

Posted Jan 4, 2017

Wow! What a day!

We started off eating an amazing Panamanian breakfast at our hotel and got into God’s word before getting on the bus to travel to the church to start orientation with our Panamanian staff! It was so fun getting to know everyone and we spent the day making new friends and teaching Pine Cove’s mission and the philosophies behind our camping style. It was such a joy to tell our Panamanian staff that, even though we may be from different countries and speak different languages, we serve the same God and together we will serve and minister to our campers with excellence!

After our orientation sessions, ALOT of dancing (can we call it camp if we don’t dance?!?), and figuring out who our staff’s Panamanian co-counselors will be, we all ate pizza together and then said goodbye to our Panamanian staff for the day. We will see them at camp tomorrow! 

After lunch, we hopped on a bus to our campsite in Cermeño. The drive was beautiful and we even got to see a little bit of the Panama Canal on our drive. 

When we got to camp the weather was absolutely beautiful and so is our campsite (pictured below)!Tonight we will be getting camp ready and getting settled into our bunks. Keep us in your prayers because tomorrow is our 1st day of camp!
Enjoy some pictures of our adventures so far in Panama! 

Above: Our staff having an inpromptu dance party before our Panamanian staff arrived!

Above: Teaching our Panamanian staff camp some dances!

Above: More dancing!!

Above: Our view of the Panama Canal from our bus

Above: Hello from our bus ride out to the campsite! On the bottom right is one of our Panamanian translators, Julian.

Above: Staff getting ready to go on a tour of the campsite! Our camp is covered with fruit trees. It has everything from oranges to mangos!

Above: Another shot of our beautiful campsite!

¡Adios for now! And look out for our tomorrow’s post about our first day of camp!

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  1. -Look at the size of that bus!!
    -Oh man, the oranges there????. Eat 26 for me!

    Lish and I are praying for y’all as you have your first day of camp today!

  2. Que chevere!! que Nice!
    Extraño esos tiempos con Pine Cove!!
    Que el Señor les siga usando amigos!