Do you trust me? This was a theme that kept coming up today as we
learned to trust each other and The Lord as we prepared for camp.

The Bluffs/Woods team started the morning off with some team building
exercises led by our local leaders. One of the main activities we did
was the trust fall. In this activity, one team member stood on a
platform and fell backwards into the arms of there teammates. Each of
us took the fall of faith and through this activity we learned a lot
(also no one got hurt! We only almost dropped Lexus haha).

After the activity, we got to debrief and talk about how we thought we
worked together as a team. This time was very encouraging for everyone
as we encouraged one another and shared our fears going into the week
of camp. Two things that came up particularly we’re the language
barrier and distractions. Our team doesn’t want the language barrier
or other distractions to hinder our ministry this week. Please pray
for us in these areas!

We did some more team building by bringing an epic family camp
tradition to the country of Honduras. We played some Turkish
Delight!!! It was epic. We ended up actually calling it Honduran
Delight because we had to adjust some rules (our goals were cinder
blocks and a shot couldn’t be counted as a goal unless the ball went
through them lower than their height). We all enjoyed playing together
and getting to build more camaraderie.

Also something else really exciting happened today: our team got to
meet their local co-counselors! Each of our team members was paired in
a cabin with a national counselor. We all stood in a circle and as
each of the pairings were announced we erupted in celebration!

After the counselor pairings we celebrated the only way we know how:
by dancing!! We taught our new friends some classic Pine Cove dances
like the “Scatman” and “Chainsaw.” Then our friends taught us a new
dance called “Who I Want to Be.” We can’t wait to do these dances with
our campers tomorrow.

All in all it’s been another great day at Castillo del Rey (Castle of
the King). We are excited to see how the Lord uses the unity we built
amongst our own team with the national team this week at camp. Campers
get here tomorrow. It is going to be a blast!

Our new team motto: Cheque Leque Panqueque Con Frijoles!

This saying was taught to us by our local leaders it is kind of
equivalent to a saying like “It’s all good!”

(Sorry for the lack of photos, we don’t have a great internet connection here!)