We wrapped up our trip today! First thing tomorrow morning our team will be headed back to the US!

Today was a full and fun day! We started with a change of pace by having cereal and apples for breakfast in place of the customary rice
and beans. We enjoyed breakfast with one another and a few locals as we recounted funny and encouraging stories from the week.

We loaded up the bus and left camp after breakfast dishes had been cleaned. It was the first time off of cam property since the first day we arrived. It was exciting as we looked forward to what the day would hold but also sobering as we knew it would be the last time that this group was all together at camp.

Our first stop of the day was a city called Granada. It is a very old city in Nicaragua with lots of history. We took the bus to a local park where we got out and walked around. We saw quite a few street vendors, toured a Catholic church, ate some local snacks and we even
got to take a historic horse carriage ride around the town. Each carriage carried five people and we got to learn interesting facts
about the city while we went.

Next stop was Lago Nicaragua. It is a HUGE lake and had some incredible scenery and views. Formed inside of the lake are 365
islands that have been created over time by volcanos. We got to take a group boat tour around the islands to see different houses and hear about people that owned them, most were wealthy local Nicaraguans that
had big businesses here or were in politics. There was also one called Monkey Island where we were able to spot about 5 wild monkeys. We were told that one was named Michael Jackson and one Lucy. It was a very
unique and incredible experience.

We then went back to Granada for lunch at a place called Tip Top that served lots of options of chicken meals. We stayed a long time to rest, fill up, and let the locals watch some futbol.

We then loaded the bus and went to another city called Catarina where there was another lake called Laguna de Apoyo which translates to Lake of Support. The views here were incredible. You could see for miles. The lake is shaped like a giant crater in the earth that is filled with rain water and a spring. Over the crest of the hill you can see Granada and Lake Nicaragua. It was a really amazing sight and
something that none of us were prepared for when we topped the hill. It truly is a great reminder that “Dios es grande.”

After taking in the view for a while, we walked around the tourism area and stopped in various shops where they had all kinds of gifts
and souvenirs.

Now we are at our hotel right across from the airport where we ate some very American food for dinner and are about to get some rest before an early morning and long day of travel. Today was an amazing day and we loved getting to tour and see Nicaragua. Our hosts were so great at providing us with awesome activities and opportunities. It was nice to experience such hospitality from them!

Thanks for blogging with us! We will send a blog tomorrow when we arrive in Atlanta and then again in Dallas to let you know we’ve
arrived safely. Our flight leaves at 8:45. Please pray for safety and details and give thanks for God doing great things while we are here!