Well our campers just left. We’re all talking some alone time to debrief and think about our time here in Peru. It has been fun and crazy and sad and difficult all at the same time. We are so grateful for the good gifts The Lord has given us during our time here. I’ve asked Nathanael, one of our counselors, to share a little bit about his experience in Peru:

Holla! Nathanael aqui…or is it alli…
(Nathanael here!)

I’m still not sure. We’re here on our last day of camp and I still don’t know much Spanish. Actually, not many of us do. 2 Corinthians has a verse that sums up our Spanish language inconsistencies. In chapter 12 verse 9, Paul is talking about a thorn in his side. “But he said to me ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” Has communication been an issue for us Americanos? Yes. Have all of us had to ask Molly or Jonna what in the world was going on in that moment? Yes. Have all of us said yes to something that we had no idea what was asked of us? Yes. But because of our language deficiencies, we get to praise our God even more looking at what He did in Peru during our time here. We have seen kids come to know the Lord. We have heard stories about some of these kids’ lives at home and have watched their hearts change before our very eyes.

A few days ago, I found myself sitting on a rock in the middle of an incredible river, surrounded by huge mountain faces. The beauty of this creation brought me to Worship in that moment. And it only continued from there. When I began to communicate with the Peruvians, when I began to love on the campers around me, I was reminded of Gungor’s song ‘Beautiful Things’ where it says ‘you make beautiful things out of us.’ Peru is beautiful. These Peruvians are beautiful. God’s love is beautiful. Every Pine Cove staffer on this trip has been humbled at one time or another while watching the love of God manifest itself through the people here in Peru. Even though we spoke no Spanish, this awesome staff of Pine Covers found way after way to love on their cabins and their Peruvian co-counselor in ways other than spoken language.

Our God is beyond language and His love surpasses any barrier we might have. Isn’t it encouraging to know that we are loved by an all powerful God that is outside of space and time; and yet, decided to humble himself becoming a man, dying for our sins, and paying a price that we could never hope to pay? God is love. And in Peru this week, love wasn’t still. Love wasn’t inhibited by a language barrier. In Peru this week, love made itself known. This week, God made himself known.

Was communicating frustrating at times? Most definitely.

Was it worth it?