Coming to you live from Costa Rica at 8:20 pm, where it feels like midnight to our team. The day has been long, but we have cherished and loved every moment of it! We spent the day diving into training sessions with our Latin American version of The Way and learning the heart behind our mission here at Camp Tang with our new friends. Ben created a new tradition that before every session, our team played a game together. These quickly broke down any walls we had, by forcing us to do loco things without time for thinking about how silly we would seem.

After several of these games, our group that consisted of about 30 people, who previously did not know each other, fell into a level of comfort and feeling of saftey. After our long day together, we had established our common goal and mission while also sharing dozens of laugh and literally the best meal any of us had ever had. We were given delicious pico de gallo, scrumptious beans, and slap yo’ momma pork, accompanied with a glass of ice cold lemonade. It was excellente, to say the least.


Today we got all of our activity classes in place for our sweet campers to enjoy in the morning, with a HUGE thanks to our Program staff for all of their hard work! Our activities are simple and easy, and absolutely so fun. After trying them out as a staff, we are thrilled to experience them with our campers. Our team was able to throw balls off of colorful parachutes, play “Bomba!”, and crank it like a chainsaw together in the name of the Lord! It has been such a cool experience to see first hand how our staff makes our program and how through every activity the Gospel is presented.

Also, our team was given Costa Rican coffee today. As a frequent drinker of Cafe, it was fantastic! Our team sipped on coffee and munched on cookies during a break of our Way sessions, and was then taught a super fun game using those cups, which further broke down those walls and created lasting memories toghether as a team.

Tomorrow at nine, our campers arrive! We are so eager and so ready to shower them with love and fun! Please keep us in your prayers as we recieve these Latin American children that the Lord has put in our path. We can’t wait to watch the Lord in such a big way and also can’t wait to tell you guys about it! Later alligators!