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Posted Jan 3, 2018


As we are getting ready to embark on our journey to Panama, we have been tirelessly preparing for this moment! Whether it be asking people for their support to send us or finishing our finals with diligence, we have finally arrived near our time to GO south! We thought it would be awesome to let you all in on who will be joining us from Outback and Camp in the City Edge:


Colton “Toadashi” Venner

Colton is the Men’s Director at the Ridge. He writes his own music (shameless plug for Spotify)! Cool thing about Colton is he is about to go to Seminary.


EJ “Pops” Hibbler

Went to THE Mississippi State University (Go DAWGS)!! He is a self-proclaimed world traveler, only having gone outside the states five times. EJ is afraid of heights, but has been skydiving and plans to go again.


Brandon “The Custodian” Legband

Brandon or at camp known as “The Custodian,” worked for the Dallas Mavericks in the 8th and 9th grade. He is the youngest of 4 siblings. Brandon wants others to know he is unashamedly a BIG Justin Bieber fan. Better Belieber it!


Mackenzie “Ombie” Morquecho

Mackenzie is a senior at the University of North Texas pursing a degree in Integrative Studies. She is one of 3 siblings, all of which attended UNT. Mackenzie absolutely adores working with kids/students.


Lauren “Chicken Little” Louk

Lauren loves to dance, sing, laugh, and talk about the gospel! She once lived on a mountain, but the beach is her favorite!!! This one time though, she got stuck in a baby swing at 14 and some cool firemen saved her, arriving in a big fire truck!


Selina “Who-D” Apodaca

Selina is from Amarillo, Texas! She played college basketball for her first two years at Mary Hardin Baylor. She wants everyone to know she is proud of her Mexican heritage!

Bailee “Texas” Bruce

Bailee would love to be a photographer for mission trips and different ministries around the world. She currently is also an ASPIRING wedding photographer.She also works for ESPN, handling video and production. (A Whoop!)

Noah “Falcano” Wilson

Noah is majoring in Communication Theory at Dallas Baptist University. He is an Eagle Scout and loves the outdoors (Camp fires and singing: CHECK)! Cool factoid about Noah is he somewhat ambidextrous. I bet he has a nice backhand swing in tennis!


Briana “Tunes” DeStefano

Briana was a vocal major in high school. Her favorite color is yellow because it makes her smile every time.If Briana could be a best friend with any fictional character, she would definitely choose Chewbacca.


Hayden “Soaks” Washburn

Hayden is a sophomore at Jacksonville State University. He worked full summer at Outback this past summer and will be returning again full summer. He ran Cross Country and Track for his university. He will be crossing some countries heading to Panama for sure.


Rebekah “Swole” Ryder

Rebekah wants to travel to all places (this trip is helping her get well on her way). She basically lives off of peanut butter. Fun fact about her is she really love cats…like REALLY loves cats! Meow that’s nice!!


Harrison “MiM” Hilburn

Harrison enjoys the outdoors and camping. He loves to listen to music and play occasionally. Harrison’s favorite pastime is playing board games.


Robert “Snail Trail” Lopez

Robert or pronounced in Panama, Roberto, will be riding a bike from Texas to Alaska this summer, over a 70-day period! He says Surfing is fun once you get past the waves. And lastly, Español was the first language Robert learned!


JD “Driver’s Shred” Burt

Runs the social media for the Central Texas camps. He has never been to Central America.  Next to taking cool photos at camp, JD also has webbed toes. Now that’s cool!


Malarie “Ghostly” Humble

Malarie a.k.a. Ghostly Foul is majoring in psychology, leadership, and communications major. She is an assistant to a professional chocolatier. Also, did you know Malarie makes a “good” pesto avocado pasta?! Pasta the sauce please!


Gavin “Spartakicks” Pittman

Gavin is a business major at Mississippi College.  He once bought what he thought was a “teacup pig,” but ended up being a full grown hog. Gavin legitimately used to make chocolate chip cookies EVERYDAY in high school.


As we are leaving will you please be in prayer for our next 10 days. We will keep you all updated right here, as we will see what the LORD will guide our feet to next. (Proverbs 16:9) Hasta Luego!

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