So we went to Costa Rica for about a week and a half,

Our team was stacked, we had an awesome staff.

Lots of laughter and joy within our team,

But none of us can eat another rice or bean.

We joined teams with some Ticos that were pretty cool,

If it got too hot we could even jump in the pool.

The language barrier was not too bad because of Trey

Even though most of us made up our own language anyway.

2014-01-09 12.07.54

We did a ton of activities but futbol the most,

Where they kids beat us bad and sent us back to the coast.

We saw the Lord work in a ton of different ways,

He was just so faithful throughout all of our days.

We were able to worship, sing, and dance,

And we even got bit by a bunch of ants.

These ants I’m talking about came from everywhere,

They found their way inside our chacos and even in our hair.

 2014-01-12 09.54.22-1

Just yesterday we started our trek back to the States,

Until we got stranded in Houston where Monique closed the terminal door in our face.

After our delay we all are home safe and sound,

And cannot wait for the day for when we step back onto Costa Rican ground.

We all said our goodbyes and tried not to cry,

But it was awesome telling others about the love that will never die

We wiped away our tears after the goodbyes and the hugs,

But we didn’t say goodbye to those big ole bugs.

2014-01-11 16.51.05