Our second full day in Panama has truly been wonderful. We were able to spend the night last night relaxing, playing card games and we were all in bed by 9:00 Texas time – we were wiped! This morning we returned to the Panamanian restaurant for breakfast where we actually felt like we knew what we were ordering! The food here has been fantastic. Passion fruit juice again? Yes please.

We then piled in a bus and spent the morning traveling to different churches in the area. Our ministry we are working with has planted 26 churches all through Panama, we traveled to 5 and were presented to the congregation. It was an incredibly humbling experience to hear how these people have been praying for us and how they have heard of our arrival. Each person we have met had been the picture of hospitality and joy. Brothers and sisters even though we don’t share language or nationality. We even had the opportunity to sing worship song in front of a church together – Molly jumped on the keyboard and Caleb on the guitar for a quick rendition of “Our God.” Some of our campers were at the local churches as well and we were able to meet them and their parents!

Later we all piled again in our van and drove to the top of a mountain – we even hiked a little ways to the tallest point for the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Panama is incredibly beautiful. Our national friends took us to a small fruit stand on the mountain where we drank coconut juice straight from the coconut! Best way to spent 50 cents for sure.

We are currently eating dinner at a local restaurant and will spend the evening prepping activity classes and more for camp.

We will arrive at our camp tomorrow at 8am (seeing it for the first time!) and then campers arrive at 10am!

God is good. Thank you for your prayers, we are excited for things yet to come.