We are having a great time at Castillo del Rey! Late last night our team was able to debrief on how the first day went. Many of our counselors are seeing how difficult it is with the language barrier to counsel. Everyone definitely felt outside of their comfort zone on the first day. Despite that, our team was in great spirits! They expressed that this is definitely a humbling experience but something that God is using to grow them. They also know that despite feeling insufficient at times, that they have much to offer this week of camp. We talked about using the time we would normally use to speak, to pray, and play a part in the spiritual battle that is going on around us.

We also talked about how just our presence makes a big difference at camp. Christ is in us and using us in mighty ways despite the language barrier! Overall, everyone is feeling encouraged and excited about the rest of the week!

Also, on the first night a lot of the kids already expressed how God was working in their hearts. After Grant did a talk on how sin is us choosing to love God’s gift instead of God, many children talked about the things they struggle with loving more than God. In one cabin many boys shared things like soccer and video games take the place of God in their life and how they want that to change. Pray that God would keeping working in the kids hearts to show them that he is our great treasure!

And Day 2 has been spectacular! This morning we got to play a game with a multicolored parachute. The campers loved getting to run under the parachute and using it to send balls flying into the air.

Our counselors have continued to do a great job of making games exciting. Ben, Conor, Cameron, and Kenneth have been leading cheers during games and making things hype non-stop. Our girls are doing a great job showing the love of Christ to their campers. Every time I see Lexus and Anna they have girls draped all over them, holding on to them, hugging them. Mallory and Savannah have built great camaraderie with their girls by playing different small games with them. And Addie has been so intentional with her girls. She is the only team member that speaks Spanish fluently and she has been a huge blessing to us and her campers! I can’t wait to see what the Lord does tonight and keeps doing through our team!

More Mispoken Spanish: We started the day off at breakfast and when Jerad was going to pray for it, he said “cierren tus osos.” Which means close your bears (instead of eyes, ojos) haha.

I (Austin) was talking to one of our local leaders who had a stressful day. I said that some days at camp I have stressful days too because I’m thinking of all the things (todos) that need to be done. But instead of todos I said “torros”, which meant it sounded like I said the “the bulls are stressed.” Classic mix up. I’m sure their will be more mispoken Spanish to come!

Ps: We still can’t send photos or videos! Even at the top of the big hill at camp that is near we can’t get pictures to go through. Which is a huge bummer but we are still working on it!