Hello friends! Allie here (hi mom and dad)!

We are finishing up lunch here, but I wanted to take a second to introduce you guys to Cesar – he is the Director here at Camp Betel. Cesar is without a doubt the most joyful man I have ever met. He bounces around camp with a huge smile on his face and will not let a Pine Cove staffer pass him without at least giving him a fist bump (and exploding it). He is always telling us how sincerely thankful he is that we are here helping him accomplish his lifelong dream- to use camp to share the gospel to youth. And when he tells you this, you know that he really means it. Not only is Cesar the most joyful man I know, he is also the most hardworking and dedicated man. We all joke that all you really need to survive here in Panama is Cesar and a machete. He is constantly doing projects around camp because he truly wants this camp to be the best that it can be. Cesar is also referred to by the campers as “The Ghost” because he disappears and reappears everywhere! One second he is no where to be found and the next he is running through the crowd with his hands in the air screaming at worship. And then he is gone again-haha! Cesar is a passionate man for life and the Lord and it is so so evident. He recently said “I am living a miracle right now” – we asked him why and this is what he told us…

Cesar explained that when he was twelve, he prayed to God that he would be able to do camp and that God would provide the people to make camp happen. At that time God told Cesar no but that He would prepare him to be that person later. The time that Cesar was patiently waiting for is here right now as we are at camp.

Cesar began to explain that two years ago his church was deciding to end camping ministry because they did not think that it was effective. He said that when Pine Cove came last year, the heart of his church began to change. This year he said that many church leaders are here watching and learning, wanting to be a part of camp

Cesar and the Church are very thankful that God decided to send people to help! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we have all learned a great deal from our friend Cesar. Please pray for Cesar and the rest of the camp leadership as they follow The Lord’s will for this place.

Below is a picture of Cesar and different things that happened at camp today. We are all good and healthy as we get ready to finish up the last full day of camp!

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Cesar took us around camp the first day before campers arrived and let us eat all the oranges, grapefruit, yucca, and mandarin oranges we wanted. Fresh fruit for days!


…not surprising that Cesar also teaches the archery activity class

IMG_4613 2

Cesar and I today at lunch!


Cesar and Barrett two days ago during an intimate night of worship.