We got our first nights sleep last night and it was great to get to sleep in a normal bed. We slept a little bit on the plane but as you may know, it isn’t the easiest to sleep on an airplane. The night before when we met up with all of the commission camping teams, we slept on the floor and couches of a school in DFW. So to be sleeping in actual bunk beds was a major upgrade.


The house we stayed at last night is called Casa de Missión or The Mission House. It is a big house that housed us and the Timbers staff that is here for their commission camping trip in another part of El Salvador. This house has a beautiful backyard with a swing, gorgeous greenery and bananas! However we are not sure if they are safe to eat. What do you think? Should we eat them? Like this post to vote no or comment to vote yes eat the bananas



Also here is a look at the differences of Latino food and the food we eat. You may know him as Tony the Tiger but here he is Tony el Tigre. Some of us sang “ojo del tigre” or eye of the tiger as well!