Well….not really canceled. Just missed. As we got to the Houston airport, we got through customs after a mere hour and a half. We had to SPRINT to our gate, where the lovely Monique told us that we could not enter. Even though the door was still open, and half of the planes passengers were our team, we COULD NOT PASS! Which ended up working out fine, Praise God. Now we are all enjoying the extra five hours we get to spend shoulder to shoulder in a 15 passie.

Literally our team has embodied being flexible. Right now, it’s almost a funny situation. I’m sure tomorrow when we get home we will all laugh. Until then, pray for traveling mercies for those driving back tonight and tomorrow.

We are praising God even through this mess! We wanted to share this story so you guys could laugh and pray with us.

Fun fact: getting from Houston to Dallas will take longer than getting from Costa Rica to Texas. Haha!

Officially and hopefully for the last time, signing off!
Sarah “Sleeping Scootie” DuBois