Campo Aventura 

Posted Jan 9, 2016

If you could describe a perfect day of adventure, it was definitely our tourist day yesterday. In between our two sessions of camp we got a day off to explore the beautiful Dominican Republic!
We woke up to a delicious breakfast that consisted of pancakes, fruit, juice, and coffee. Soon after we headed off to a nearby mountain. The hike up took about an hour and a half and the views were absolutely breathtaking. Once we reached the top we got to sit and enjoy God’s beautiful creation and each other’s company. We were left in awe not only at the scenery but also at the fact that God chose each and every person on our team to be here on this mission, growing God’s kingdom and ultimately bringing Pine Cove to another country. God doesn’t need us but he decided to use us here and we could not be more thankful and excited to be here.  

After hiking, we made our way to the city to eat lunch. We ate pizza at a restaurant right across the street from the beach, and after the delicious meal we had the opportunity to dig our toes in the sand!! The white sand was absolutely gorgeous and soft and led into a transparent blue–and very very salty–ocean. We laughed, swam, played spike ball and frisbee, and took walks down the beach! There were lots of photographs, smiles, and laughs, and even more amazement at the Lord’s divinity, power, and creation!      

Once we finished watching the sunset at the beach we moved on to eat dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant that was actually next door to our lunch place! We snacked on chips and salsa and then filled our very hungry bellies with delicious steak and chicken fajitas. Afterwards–in honor of Maddie Hutt’s 21st birthday–we went to a special Dominican bakery and ordered a plethora of delicious sweets ranging from Nutella crepes to Tres Leches and Flan. It was delicious and the perfect end to an amazing day of rest, bonding, and rejuvenation! 

This morning we greeted about sixty more very enthusiastic campers for session two. It has been an incredible first day of camp and trip for all of us. You will hear more from every staffer in the next blog post. Until then, hasta luego!

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  1. Thank you for celebrating Maddie for us. What a great day it sounds like! We are missing all of you…our virtual family!!

  2. Awesome pics of God’s country & His people!! Looks like everyone enjoyed the tourism day!! Thank you so much for including us in this journey….. by having this blog!! Continue to take care of each other! Love & Peace.