Campers Have Arrived!

Posted Jan 4, 2017

We hit the ground running with our first full day in the Dominican Republic! Breakfast was at 8 and campers were scheduled to arrive at 9:30. They arrived with smiles on their faces and energy that was ready for a week at camp!




We had cabin assignments followed by cabin meetings and then lunch was served. After lunch we headed out to our first round of activity classes. With baseball fields, soccer fields, a couple of pools, archery, and much more, we had a ton of fun with our campers!






After activity classes, everyone headed for the showers. It feels like a Texas summer here in the DR, so it’s safe to say that we all needed one! Showers were followed by a two hour bible study and then dinner at 7. After dinner, we headed to our meeting area for a club talk and some worship. Then we played a popular night game in Latin America called Lights and Sounds!


Our time here has been such a blessing already and we are looking forward to this incredible week ahead of us! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue with this week in the DR. Adios for now!!

– Bailee “Texas” Bruce

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  1. OH MY! That is a quick start to your week but it looks great! So proud of those Outback staff! Love you guys!

  2. Thanks so much for doing such a great job sharing with us back here at home. It’s so great to see what you’re doing!