Today has been an exciting day of preparation for campers to come TOMORROW! We have been planning activities and collaborating with the Honduran team to make camp a fun atmosphere for the campers to learn about Jesus!

We have been blessed to be at a camp ground that is lush with grass, trees, animals, and great facilities. Our team went on a camp tour earlier today and we got to see some cool aspects of the area. There is one thing that caught everyone’s attention and that is the JUNGLE MAZE! Though we won’t be able to participate in that this year, they told us to look forward to it in future years.

The camp is also surrounded by a shallow river, which makes for some great background noise throughout the day. God is showing off his work and we are blessed to be able to experience it.

We are now hanging out and getting to know one another. The guys are playing football (soccer) and the girls are playing a form of dodgeball mixed with the old school video game Pong. There is much laughter surrounding this place and it is a joy to hear. With a leader like Andrew Boshell, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we have all gotten comfortable with joking around together. We’re even learning more Spanish because of it!

I want to let you all know that Internet is rare around here and cell phone service is very spotty. We are going to try to load pictures as soon as we can, but for the time being we are not able to.

Our staff is appreciative of your prayers and comments! Any comment that you would like to leave for family or friends we will relay to them!

Please be praying to the unity of our team, health and safety for all, service so we can continue communicating with y’all, details and scheduling to come together, and for the campers as they prepare to come to camp!

Thank you for continued support! We love you all!