Campers are here!!!

Posted Jan 5, 2018


It’s Elizabeth here! Today has been all kinds of exciting as campers arrived today! This morning began with the preparation of camp and then the arrival of campers. As the campers arrived, all of our team went outside the gates of camp to greet all the anxious yet excited kids. To be honest, it was a little frightening to walk into a group of people who have no idea what you are saying, but that is nothing a welcoming smile can’t change. The best part of my day actually occurred in that moment of welcoming campers outside camp.

Tossing the frisbee seemed to be the way to get kids to interact after you have asked all the basic questions you have memorized in Spanish so of course I joined in. As everyone began forming a circle and tossing the frisbee I noticed one little girl named Milli eagerly watching on the outside. I decided to join her and, using the best Spanish I know, said ¡vamanos! She giggled, smiled, and then began walking alongside me to play frisbee. In that sweet moment I was reminded something. That this is exactly what the Lord asks of us; to simply come, to eagerly join and walk alongside Him in our faith. How beautiful the Lord was able to use that moment.

This rest of the day was an absolute blast. Camp picked up in full swing as campers played games, bonded as a cabin, and enjoyed hours in the pool- every campers favorite. Just like at Pine Cove, the day was finished with some Club! It was as awesome experience to be able to worship alongside the staff and campers and to hear them proclaim their love for the Lord!

Another highlight of the day consisted of a nosebleed became quite a funny scene. So if you know me, then you know I get nosebleeds. Well, the national staff grew concerned and decided to take my blood pressure. funny story though because they weren’t exactly sure how. So they were playing doctor and I was playing patient and it turned into this moment of laughter, sweet laughter.

Anyways, I am so incredibly moved by the way each and every person on our team and the national team have already broken down barriers and have loved each of those campers as their own, as Jesus does. To think this is only the first day of camp has me sitting at the edge of my seat! Wow, the Lord is at work!

Adiós for now!

⁃ Elizabeth “Smack” Hart

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  1. Oh man! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!! Tell Paraguay I said hi. I’m so excited for this whole team. Ashley, it’s a fact that your sparkle doesn’t have a language barrier. And yay river sunsets!!