They’re here! We have campers and camp is happening!

We spent the morning doing last minute preparations and cabin assignments:
Then they came. 50 little smiles beaming out of the bus windows. They are finally here! And you better believe we greeted them Pine Cove style!

They weren’t here 5 minutes before we had them playing games…


On games.

On games.
Then their team put on a skit and it was hilarious! They understand camp and why we do what we do and it’s so cool to see!

We had Club tonight and our very own Aaron “Ping Pong” Eubanks spoke!

All in all, everything went so smoothly today! The Honduran team has blown us away with their planning and intentionality. And I have been blown away by our team and their willingness to jump in from the very first moment!

Craig “Dutch” Langemeier once told me this: “Grow where you’re planted. Make the most of where you are. Ask questions. Be good learners. Jump in with both feet and join God in what He is doing.”

This quote pretty much sums it up for us. We are all growing and being stretched as we encounter a culture that is foreign to us. We have quickly found that we don’t need life’s everyday comforts to be satisfied– but instead we are seeing God’s heart up close, and we are surrounded by people who are passionate, so kind, and hospitable. We have had to ask more questions than we probably ever have–what’s next? What did he say? What does that word mean? What? Que? No comprendo. The learning curve is BIG. But it’s been a fun challenge for all of us to learn a whole different way of doing things.

And lastly, we very quickly realized that we aren’t making anything happen here. Instead, God has already done so much through this Honduran team and this campsite, that we are merely getting to join in on what God has already set in motion. So we may never know what’s actually coming next. And we may not know the culture. Or the language. But we are jumping in with both feet and loving it.

Signing out,
Your favorite Honduran counselors