Today we woke up and had breakfast as a team and then taught our Pine Cove Way to our friends in Paraguay. 

There are some incredible Paraguayan staff working with us and we’ve already made friends with them! 

At 3 today our first set of campers started arriving. We greeted them with cheers of excitement and welcomed over 60 elementary kids. 

We played lots of games and got to swim together and even had several snacks! Merienda (snack time) is quickly becoming one of our favorites! 

Tonight Austin spoke at club talking about our sin and how it affects us and how we have a severe need for a savior. 

Some things we learned today:

1. Sheep sounds transcend language barriers

2. Lil Leche is basically our new camp dog and we are all very excited about it. 

3. We are unified not by language or nationality but the blood of Christ that connects us to our brothers and sisters here. 

Will you continue to pray with us? 

1. That God would work past our language barrier to develop deep relationships between us and our national staff and our campers.

2. For the redemptive love of Jesus to be communicated through more than our words.

3. That campers hearts would be softened to hear the gospel and repent and turn to Jesus. 

4. For God to reveal new and wonderful things to our team during our time here (thankful for the gift of being in a new place to have fresh perspective as we start the year). 

5. That God would multiply our rest and energy and health! 

Until tomorrow my friends!