Campers are HERE! 

Posted Jan 5, 2016

Wow, today has been a FULL day! Our campers arrived this morning around 9:30am and it was SO fun to jump and go crazy and welcome them to camp! We ended up with a smaller number of campers than we anticipated but that hasn’t stopped us from making sure their experience the best 3 of their 365! 
We started with time for our counselors to get to know their campers with station games that included the human knot, water balloon tosses, elephant ball and a few other games we’ve learned. It made for a great opportunity to break the ice as we’ve seen noticeable unity between counselors and campers. They are SO excited to be here and it’s a joy to watch them experience camp. 
After lunch, that included cheers in Spanish and cabin cheers, they went to their first bible study. Campers are learning a new theme each day – today was focused on the story of Jonah and also how Jesus cleanses us. It always blows me away to see how attentive these campers are – they listen in bible study for an hour and a half! That’s unheard of for this age group back home. It’s clear they are eager to learn and be engaged. 
This afternoon we played a series of station games with water and it got CRAZY but the campers loved it. By the end of all the games everyone was soaked and dirty but it was another great opportunity to break down walls within cabins as they laughed and bonded with their counselor. 
Tonight, Hellen spoke about obedience and how Gods word is true and precious. It is a joy to watch her teach and it’s evident it is an overflow from her heart and her desire for God to be glorified. 
We are grateful to be here and be apart of what the Lord is doing in Costa Rica! 


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  1. Go Camp in the City! Keep doing what you’re doing and my prayer for y’all is that God continues sustain you with his love and peace!

    Deemer is my friend! Hi Rebecca!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a blast! You guys are rocking it out there. Know that we are praying for you from here. Praying that the Truth of the gospel sinks into the hearts of kids and staff!

    Give all my City Babes hugs from me!

  3. Holy cow I’m so proud of you guys. Praying for you every day and so excited to see what the Lord continues to do. Love you all!!

  4. Love seeing those team G girls and Hoops! Nice to see y’all still got the true gauntlet form!
    I will be praying for continued excitement and engagement from the campers and for the staff as well!

  5. You Camp in the City guys and gals are a rare bunch- truly you are SHINING! The connection you build with the kids is evident through the blog and pics. We are praying for continued bonding with the kiddos and one another, for God’s hand to sustain your energy through the non-stop days and for His peace to wash over and through you. Keep up the GREAT work 🙂