Hola! We are nearing the end of our first, full day in Peru. After finishing orientation we hung out with our Peruvian friends and ate dinner. So far, the food has been pretty normal. I think we have had rice, chicken and potatoes in some form at every meal.

After dinner we had our first cabin assignments! It was so fun to see how excited our staff and the Peruvians were to be partnered together!


We followed cabin assignments with an impromptu dance party:

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Campers arrive tomorrow morning and we couldn’t be more excited! The theme for camp is an airplane rescue. The campers are arriving on a plane (bus) with Nate, Jonna, Joy and Zac, who will be acting as their flight attendants. The plane is “crash landing” at camp.

Stay tuned for our first interactions with camper tomorrow! Buenas noches!