Day one of camp has finally arrived! As our team woke, we anxiously made the final preparations for our campers to come. Before long, campers started to trickle in and we couldn’t have been more excited! As we waited for our bus full of kiddos, we were able to spend precious quality time with the ones that had arrived.

We put our Spanglish into good practice, using what words we did know to start to get closer to the kids. We also played super fun games! Our team was shown not just a thing or two, but many things about futbol. We were introduced to a game called “Crab Futbol” in which everyone had to assume, you guessed it, the crab walk position and attempt to make goals. It was quite the sight and loads of fun. We also had to overcome the challenge of throwing our soccer ball into the middle of the pond, which we eventually did with the help of our coconut trees! Their abundance of fruit was used to be hurled into the pond where the ball was captured, safe and sound. We then found a stump to crack coconuts and drink the juice! It was muy deliciouso!

Shortly after our coconut rescue, we heard the call that our school bus full of campers finally had arrived. Our group eagerly formed a gauntlet and welcomed our campers in the only way that Pine Cove staff know how: jumping and cheering. It was a very sweet time to experience the joy of the gauntlet and the expressions on our campers faces with our new friends.

As the campers settled in, cabins were assigned and each cabin had the task of creating a group name and a cheer. We had names like “War of God”, “Crazy Bananas”, and everything in between. The kids loved it and had a blast! After lunch it was time for our skit, which featured Ben as Monkey Boy. Ben nailed the roll, of course, going as far into his character as to lather himself in mud, rip his shirt, and of course spit a mouthful of chewed banana in TJ’s face.

As our day progressed, everyone met at our field for some camp games. The campers did everything from working together to attack their counselors to working against each other in an attempt to be the overall victor! Now we are gearing up for our bible study with a water break! Can’t wait to see what else this day holds for our team!

Also, as I’m sure you all have noticed, this post doesn’t have any pictures. I’m so sorry about that! We are still trying to locate internet that will work for us and allow us to upload pictures and not take 3 hours…so if our blogs are ever delayed for some reason, fear not. Just a tech difficulty which will hopefully be gone soon!

For our prayer warriors: Bible study is currently in session! Pray for the word of The Lord to be heard and received!

Hasta luego!