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Posted Jan 5, 2016

It is amazing how much our Pine Cove counselors and Panamanian counselors/campers have connected over this short time into the trip!
This morning, we had our first bible study and many Pine Cove staff were able to experience hearing God’s word read in a different language for the first time! Today, we have a full day PACKED with activities and fun. There was plenty of Soccer (Futból), arts and crafts, archery and we were even able to teach some of the Panamanian boys how to play American football! (We’re still teaching them. It’s a process.)

Above all, it has been great for our counselors to bond with the residents of Panama through the unifying love of Christ. Despite the language barrier, we truly feel as if these friends are our brothers and sisters. There’s still a lot of camp left (3 and a half days!!!) and we couldn’t be happier!

Thanks everyone for your prayers as we continue to teach kids of the love of Christ and the gift he gave us of LIFE from DEATH. Pray that we can continue to show that clearly.

Here are some pics of the camp and some of today’s activities:


Lunch Time


Ping Pong is a HIT!


Playing new games




Learning to play Ships and Sailors


Cabins take turns ringing the bell to signal the next activity


A camper favorite: THE POOL!


This is the outside of the Dining Hall


The inside of one of the cabins


Outside of the cabins

Another view of our cabins

We are having a blast so far and we are only a few days in! Thanks for your prayers…stay tuned!

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