Campers have arrived! We are so excited to be underway here in Nicaragua with our campers and counselors all experiencing fun and teaching together.

Today was a very good day. The weather has been beautiful and the sun shines hard and the wind is constantly whipping around. I think we all ended today with a little wind or sun burn.

Campers arrived at 10 this morning and the Pine Cove counselors did a great job of leading with excitement as the buses arrived. We have about 55 campers here and 10 cabins. We got to play some games, do some dances, and experience a lot of fun together! We are excited for what the Lord has in store this week in the way that we build relationships and the way that he reveals his truth to us and our campers.

A great moment from today was seeing the kids having a great time playing a game called Toy Story. It was one of the first games that we played to get to know one another. It is based off of the movie and the campers have to do certain actions based on characters called. They have to work together. It was great to see the staff come together and kids laughing and having fun so early. The local Camp Director was doubled over laughing at one point at how had the kids were trying to get the right actions the quickest.

The Lord is good and is going to provide for us in great ways. A huge answer to prayer already is a girl named Jamie. She arrived today to help us translate and has wonderful English and is great communicating with the kids. She jumped in and already has a PC vision and wants to invest in camp.

Please pray that our staff would remain healthy, the Nicaraguans would continue to buy in to our ministry, and that the Lord would send his Spirit to change hearts.