Each morning before breakfast we have a devotional all together and then break out for quiet time. This morning Brandon and Esther lead us in some songs and then turned us to Proverbs 22 for our time alone. We came back to discuss what we all learned and Esther pointed us to verse 6 which reads:”Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old hr will not depart from it”.She said it was a great reminder for her to know that there are kids coming that do not know Jesus and that we need to ask for wisdom in how I teach them and speak to them.
We spent time praying for wisdom, praying for their hearts and minds to be open to hear the word of God, and of course that we would be safe and have fun.

The morning was full of decorating camp, learning how to welcome the kids, and of course…..playing a little bit of football. We did Honduras vs. America and we got schooled in soccer techniques and skills. They were generous though and only beat us 8-2. Whew.

The campers have finally arrived and are settling into their cabins with their counselors. We have about 90 campers total!! All of us have been so excited and ready for them to arrive, but there was much to get ready this morning.

We are about to eat dinner and then we will have a fun skit to explain the rules of camp, then Andrew will be speaking at club tonight! Please be praying for him and our translator David. David has been great help to us, so you can imagine how tired he must be. What a gift he has been! We are hoping to teach the kids one of our Pine Cove dances as well! {last night we had a dance party and the Honduran counselors and staff loved the dances!!}

All of us are healthy and doing well! The staff is loving the weather and is enjoying jungle living for a few days!

Please continue praying for health and safety for everyone at camp, walls to continue to break down, and for the hearts and minds of our campers to be open to the very words of God. Most of the kids do not know Christ and we would love for seeds to be planted and questions to be answered.