Day 1 of camp has been a full one at that! All of the campers arrived in 3 school buses from two different locations. We greeted them upon arrival with excitement, noise makers, and lots and lots of jumping! We then did a couple of ice breaker cheers that everyone joined in on, and a lot of laughter took place during it.

Once everyone was settled in their cabins and learning names it was time for lunch and then activity classes. The activities were created by the Honduran staff, and they got very creative with their surroundings. Some of the activities consisted of the following:
– soldiers crawling through the mud to recover treasure
– working together to cross the river on a rope ladder
– working together to make giant skis when they are all standing on them
– working together to escape from an “electric triangle”
Do you sense a theme here? It’s all about team work. They designed these games to make the cabins work together to solve a problem and help one another through out. Talk about setting the tone for biblical community! It was fun to see the counselors debrief with the kids and help the kids talk through what they learned about teamwork.

I am so proud of our Pine Cove staffers and their willingness to lay aside any fears of not knowing how to communicate and jumping straight into to loving their co-counselors and their campers.

Tonight we are creating dramas with our cabins about a bible verse that was given to each cabin. I can already tell that a lot of them deserve an academy award.

Please continue praying for the things listed on the blog yesterday. We are already seeing the Lord do amazing things in the lives of the staff and the campers!

God is Strong, God is Capabale, God is Able!