Today was a bittersweet day as camp ended but we got to have special moments with our campers and local team as we celebrated what the Lord had done in our lives this week.

Last night, we had another special club where each of the cabins got to do a performance in a talent show. There was dancing, singing, acting, and even poetry. Some of the acts were funny, some were moving, but in all of them it was neat to see the personality of each cabin. It was also cool to think back to Monday while they were performing and to see how each of the cabins had bonded and become close.

After that, Lexus gave a powerful club talk about the return of the prodigal son in Luke 15. She pointed out that the father sought out both the younger and older brother in the story. She went on to show that in the story the father represents God and that just as the father in the story sought out his sons, our Heavenly Father is offering to come and meet us, despite our sin, because if his great love! Lexus, Conor, and Grant got to speak to everyone this week and it was awesome to see how the Lord moved through each of them.

Next, the campers had a reflection time where they talked about how they had experienced and learned about God throughout the week. It was so encouraging to hear some of the stories from our counselors about what God had done.

One story I will share is about one of Conor’s campers. Conor had a really tough cabin this week. He had his hands full with some thirteen year old boys who were prideful and to cool for camp, as some thirteen year old boys tend to be. One of these boys was named Jeyson. Jeyson came into the week trying to act like the tough guy. I think I only saw him smile one time during camp. However, God in his mercy and grace did a work in Jeyson’s life this week. During the night at the fugeta around the fire, Jeyson was moved by the presentation of the gospel and professed faith in Christ for the first time the other night. He had not been participating in any activities during the week, except soccer. But the next day during arts and crafts he actually participated and drew a picture! And of all the things he could have drawn, he decided to draw a picture of a mural we had on the walls of Jesus holding a child. Conor said he actually saw him smile when he showed it to him, and that it was a really good drawing (I would post a picture of Jeyson with his picture but we can’t get it uploaded!). This was a little thing that was a huge encouragement to Conor and just showed the work that Jesus was doing in Jeyson’s heart.

And this story is just one of the stories about what God did this week at Castillo del Rey. After the campers left this morning we got to have a special time talking about camp with our team and the Honduran team. It was such an incredible time where we all got to encourage each other about the work we saw God do through each other this week. There were a lot of tears and laughs (especially about all the mispoken Spanish). One of the things that Jerad said during this time I think really summed up our week. He said that if you think about what we did this week it doesn’t make sense that it would work. The language difference, crazy kids, and just everything that goes into camp. But Jerad said that it worked in an awesome way because we all were united in one thing: we knew we served a powerful God that is mighty to transform lives by the power of the gospel!

After our meeting, in a powerful display of hospitality, our Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ honored us with an interactive performance. They taught us dances, slang words in Spanish, and then they shared some powerful things with us. First, a counselor came up and told us about what the state of Christianity was in Honduras. She talked about the struggles that children have because of broken families and gang violence. She told us that at a young age many children are taken to be a part of a violent gang involved with drugs. She then told us about how important camps like ours were to the children of Honduras and the next generation of church in Honduras. After this our Honduran friends gave us a special thank you and prayed for each of us. It was very moving and many tears were shed.

There are so many other stories that could be shared about this week. There were joys and trials but through it all we can all say confidently that God was working and teaching us a ton! I can’t wait for our team to get home and share with you all what God did in and through them. It was an incredible thing to be a part of and thank you all for joining us in this adventure through your prayers and encouragement.

And we are not done! The next two days we will be in Honduras touring sites. We pray that even in these days we will be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading and opportunities for ministry. There will also be more blogs about these days. Tomorrow we will go to the oldest capital of Honduras, Conmigo. Also, please continue to pray for us, our Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ, the country of Honduras, and our sweet campers! We love and miss you all!

Funny Misspoken Spanish of the Day: So at our closing day meeting we got to discuss some more language mix ups of the week. Turns out, not only was Spanish being misspoke at times this week, but so was English! One of our very sweet Honduran counselors, who actually speaks very good English, was teaching us a dance and she tried to tell us to “focus,” but what came out was a word that is not nice at all. What was funny was how she responded, in her innocence, to realizing she had said a bad word. In a similar way, Brandon was trying his best to talk to his kids and ask them a question but what came out was something that shocked the kids and Brandon realized he had said something wrong. His kids put there hands over there mouth and then proceeded to rebuke him! Poor Brandon! These stories make us thankful for grace and remind us that we can’t get it right all the time! Hopefully there will be more misspoken Spanish on our tourist days!