Today has been a fun-filled day! Campers started the day with some free time and cabin bonding. Our program director, CJ, explained some prizes and competitions we will have this week including: the spirit stick, the breakfast of champions, and our theme nights. We are thrilled that the campers are full of energy and excitement. They are eager to have fun and spend time with our team. Our Timbers staff led activity classes this afternoon and our national staff led their cabins and participated with their campers. Throughout the session, each cabin will participate in seven different activities ranging from pool games to archery. Our goal and desire is to always express the “why” in each activity as we connect everything we do to the gospel. Although we don’t all speak the same language, we desire that we would all worship and adore the same God. Thank you for your continued prayers in supporting our journey. We are thankful for a beautiful day to make new friends, play all kinds of fun games, and share the love of Jesus!