Hello everyone! We made it to camp! I don’t even know where to begin. Today we got to meet all of the amazing Panamanian staffers that we will be working along side this next week. We played many games and had a blast showing off our best dance moves. After our meeting this morning, we headed on over to camp! All 18 of us Pine Cove staff plus 3 of our Panamanian staffers and our driver all bonded quite well as we piled into our small little bus (oh yeah, and don’t forget the luggage fit in there too). So, on our journey to camp we saw some of the most incredible buildings. Buildings like I have never seen before! Tall skyscrapers and crazy twisty buildings. We even saw brightly painted homes with clean laundry hanging over the railing. It was incredible to see this new culture. As we drove across the Panama Canal pretty much everyone took out their cameras and phones to take pictures. We all played games and laughed the whole way, anticipating the arrival at camp. I thought this campsite was going to be the typical camp. You know what I mean. Like lots of dirt, just like in Texas! But boy were we WRONG. This place is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Its green here! And the best trees to build tree houses in (just saying). So first thing we do is run and drop off our luggage and then we literally sprinted out into the trees and hills (think Sound of Music jungle edition). We walked to the top of a hill and took model/band cover pictures while posing on some huge and awesome rocks (I mean, why wouldn’t we?!). After that we kept exploring and saw many incredible things. And y’all.. There is grapefruit and orange trees out here!! Like why cant we take some of this back to Texas.. That’d be awesome. And we may or may not have thrown a few moldy oranges at each other. Well the guys did (duh). So besides the AMAZING people and phenomenal campsite, we are BEYOND PUMPED to meet our campers tomorrow morning as they arrive at 9 am! God is going to do big things and I cannot express with words how thankful I am to be apart of what God is working on. I am so happy to finally be here with this astonishing team.
Blessings, Elley Arrington

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