Day 1 of “Camp Get Better,” or otherwise known as our hotel stay, was restful and awesome! Rory and I started the day out like nurses visiting each room down the hall giving out meds and checking on hydration levels. It was kind of funny after having the same done for us so recently.

The rest of the day saw sickness dwindling and though some individuals hit some low points they didn’t last long and each person was better at the end of the day than the beginning! Praise our God! For real. He is so good and faithful. He didn’t have to provide more than enough medicine for us, he didn’t have to give us time to rest and enjoy hanging out together, he didn’t have to give us His very own blood and life to keep us from eternal death. But He did and He does. Amen.

And speaking of cool gifts, a few us Aggies got to watch an incredible double overtime game against Kentucky, LIVE (we think) and in ENGLISH! Little things like that, so cool. The brohams had some solid bro time with some NFL games and I’m told the girls held hands and sang kum-bi-ya all day after making tiaras out of pillow cases and painting each other’s nails. Just kidding about the girls, they had some great hang time too and we did meals in different groups with whoever felt they could eat at the time 🙂

As I said, God is good, and that was the sum of our day and our sweet reminder as we walk the road of recovery with high spirits and more and more hungry stomachs!

Still grateful,


PS! We’ll check in and post some more pics tonight!