Cabin Photos

Posted Jan 8, 2017

Campers left this morning and we honestly can’t believe it. This week has flown by way too fast and we are missing our campers already. We did manage to get some cabin photos yesterday that we couldn’t pass up sharing:

img_9592 img_9593 img_9594 img_9597 img_9598 img_9599 img_9606 img_9607 img_9610 img_9611 img_9612 img_9613 img_9614 img_9615 img_9616 img_9617 img_9620 img_9621 img_9623 img_9624 img_9628 img_9629 img_9632 img_9634 img_9635 img_9636 img_9638 img_9639 img_9641 img_9644

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids and staff to hang out with for 5 days. Keep an eye out for the next blog to hear more about the week, what’s happened since they left and what we’re doing next!

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  1. Wait, what?!? The campers are gone??? Feels like you left yesterday. There are a lot of people missing you all, but what a cool opportunity you have had to serve and learn. Still praying for you all and your final DR moments and trip home!