Since our last post, so much has happened! Camp has been jam packed full of so many awesome things to do, I have had to start writing highlights in order to keep track of it all! So hold on to your desktops and iPhones ladies and gents, because you are about to virally experience our day in Costa Rica.

While the campers where in Bible study, our work crew, also known as “The Mighty Ants” or Equipo Cinco, stumbled across a crucial need at Camp Tang. While patrolling the grounds, the Ants saw a turkey on the loose that had escaped from its pin that is on the campground. The poor little fellow couldn’t make it over the fence and threw the barbed wire, so Equipo Cinco knew what to do. We braved the elements (the biggest was touching and handling a live and crazy turkey) and eventually reunited him with his turkey family. It was a close one!

After the kids got out of their Bible study, where the Gospel was proclaimed to 52 campers, it was the time that all the campers were waiting for: free play. Most of the camp ended up spending the majority of this time in the soccer field, getting schooled by children half of our age. It was a precious time, being able to bond with campers through a game in which no words were necessary. While some played soccer, others partook in a game of volleyball, or even went for a ride on the camp merry-go-round. This merry-go-round proved to be a main attraction for the kids. More than once, there would be more kids than can count on said merry-go-round, so unfortunately, it is no longer in use at Camp Tang. Muy triste.

In the time we had before dinner and after free time, we were able to see that the campers had completely lost every ounce of shyness that they possessed upon entering camp! They roamed the halls being absolutely crazy! It was a hoot. We ended our night with dinner and club and an all-camp game.

During club, Tyler and Trey led worship, which was SO incredible! We started off singing I’ve got the joy down in my heart, followed by Hosanna and No Sweeter Name. On the contemporary songs, the singing was a mix of Spanish and English, but it was such a cool experience to feel the presence of the Lord moving in the room, despite the language barrier. It was a present reminder that we could feel that the Lord is far bigger than any barriers that we face. Following worship, Johnny, one of the Costa Rican leaders presented the gospel with a very cool illustration using flashlights. Even though most of our team could not understand what he was saying, we could again feel the presence of the Lord moving and working within the room and the hearts of children. It was by far, one of the most precious moments of our trip so far.

At the end of the day, our team shared our favorite moments of the day. One thing that was discussed was how our team realized just how equipped our new partners were for this ministry. A lot of us came into this with a mindset of us showing them how to “do better”, however, we have seen that the Lord has more than equipped them to run this ministry and run it extremely well. It was a humbling realization that we are simply aiding them, and getting blessed while we try to be a blessing. God has provided Camp Tang with phenomenal leadership and we are blessed as a staff to have the opportunity to work with them!