(Blog post written by Nick “Ram Jam” Apperson)          

Holy moly the campers are here! God has been moving in incredible ways here in El Crucero Nicaragua and it is only day 3! At around 9 o clock this morning the campers arrived and we have been going nonstop ever since! We have taught dances ( Nicaraguan and American) and played many games! All of the American counselors sat in while the Nicaraguans led the campers in a bible study about Jonah, and even with such a big language barrier, you could see God moving in mighty ways during that time!  

     After bible study the Nicaraguans had a surprise for us! When they saw pictures on our Facebook page last summer of the buffalo hunt (our giant mud fight) during our Towers summer camp, they decided to make a mud pit of their own, and the campers loved it just as much as the ones back home do! It was a blast seeing so many smiling facing and hearing so much laughter from all of the campers during these games! 

     After a quick snack and shower time, we got to spend time with our cabin going to many different stations playing even more games. A quick example of one of the Nicaraguan games is one where you run to a bowl full of flour and candy and have to get the candy out of the flour with only your mouth, all while racing another person doing the same thing! Haha, no gluten allergies here! 

      It has been so overwhelming and challenging to see the way the Nicaraguan counselors interact and love each and every one of these campers, and each and every one of us. I am learning more and more that love doesn’t stop at a language barrier, yet love shines through service and how we act towards one another. The relationships with our Nicaraguan co-counselors are growing so fast, and I am so expectant for what God is going to do as we continue on this amazing journey He has placed before us.

   I ask that you continue to pray for safety and health as we are here! But more importantly, that these campers would come to know the love of Jesus Christ as they are here this week. That we would be vessels of the Lord’s love to each camper and Nicaraguan counselor, and that each one of us would grow and be sanctified by the Lord! Thank you so much for your support and prayer!