It’s hard to believe that yesterday we waved goodbye to our first session of campers! The past few days have been full of skits, sunshine, and just total fun. Our activity classes included and obstacle course taught by Daniel, an egg drop challenge with Ryan where campers had to use supplies in attempts to build a protection for their egg which was dropped from a balcony, lots of swimming, games, cheering and total FUN!

The pirate game night was a crowd favorite! Our very own fearless leader, Philip, was a natural pirate staying in full character throughout the entire evening! Campers enjoyed a water ballon toss with Marisa, playing ships and sailors with Ally, dizzy bats with Kelsey, and many other pirate adventures. Arrrrgh.

We concluded this session with worship time led by our friends Felix and Abraham from the DR, and then counselors and campers had time to share together what God revealed to them at camp. We even had a few campers stand up and share with the whole group what they learned. After we finished closing celebration we sent the campers off in true Pine Cove fashion…with a dance party!

Our team then spent some time reflecting on the session and brainstorming ways we could continue to improve together. Pine Cove staff spent some one-on-one time encouraging their native co-counselors with the positive qualities they saw in them. As I watched these conversations unfold from the back of the cabana I joined my team in a few tears celebrating the Lord’s faithfulness through this partnership! He is so good, and we are so thankful.

The evening was restful with an adventure to a river waterfall and dinner at camp. Today we are headed into town with our local leaders to go to the market and the beach, stay tuned! ”