This will be a short post but wanted to update you and tell you how well things are going! After dinner, we played our Search for Treasure game – I was convinced it would be a bust. We forgot we would be playing entirely in the dark, we had little supplies, we can’t talk to each other! We had our groups rotate between 6 stations competing for gold coins against their co-cabin
1. Knockout
2. Water balloon toss
3. Human knot
4. Soccer
5. Relay races
6. Bucket Head (where teams toss small dodgeballs into a team members bucket which is located on their head!)
Surprisingly, bucket head was the hit of the night and they LOVED it. Who knew?!

God was so good tonight that no matter the dark and lack of language, our counselors and campers began to bond and laugh together. There was a noticeable shift as campers are beginning to trust our staff.

As I type, I’m listening to our group sing worship songs in Spanish. Pray for their hearts, for blinders to be removed and true life to be found! Our time here is short, we pray in confidence for the work He will do this week. To God alone be the glory.