We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness and graciousness. We have been so impressed by our national team. They are eager to learn our philosophy and reasoning behind everything that we do, and most importantly, they express a sense of urgency to share the gospel and the love of Jesus. Today we allotted an hour for Bible study, and many of our counselors said their cabins could’ve discussed all afternoon. How refreshing and encouraging to see kids so thirsty to know and understand God’s word! Today we have been constantly reminded that God has blessed us so that we may in turn e a blessing.

Some of the campers speak English, and many do not. One camper who does speak English asked her Timbers counselor, Rachel, how to say the Pine Cove mission statement in English. She wanted to know our purpose for playing with energy, speaking with intentionality, and loving unconditionally. It was such a blessing and encouragement to see how quickly the staff and campers have been impacted by the example that has been set. At our Timbers meeting tonight, our partner David told us that he was shocked when he heard our philosophy. David told us when he reads scripture and seeks to understand what it means to be a servant-leader, that he sees just that in all of our actions. As we trained staff yesterday, “no se trata de mi” (it’s not about me). Glory to God that we have an opportunity to be an extension of Jesus in this place! While we love to cheer, play games, go crazy for the spirit stick, and dance like locos, at the end of the day we rejoice that the name of Jesus is proclaimed in each activity and conversation.

As we move into our second day of camp, here are a few things we would appreciate that you pray for:

-renewed energy & strength for staff
-for open doors in conversations to share Jesus
-for teaching moments to explain why we do what we do
-that in all things, God would receive all honor and glory due His name