Our day began with an orientation with the local counselors and leaders. In our sessions we talked about concepts of camping ministry like: “It’s not about me!” and “Our staff is our program.” We also talked about stewardship and intentionality. These sessions were fruitful times where through English and Spanish we got focused on our vision for this week at camp. We even got to do a demonstration of our standard pine cove greeting, the gauntlet, during this time and it was everyone’s favorite part. We are praying that we can apply these principles this week at camp. Please pray with us that we can!

Next, we prepared camp for the kids to arrive. We set up activities and prayed that God would work through us this week. We were also able to meet as a team before the kids arrived and I was able to share the comments from out first blog post.

Everyone was encouraged by the posts (and many we’re also encouraged to hear the Cowboys score.) And we are so thankful for your prayers! We also got a good laugh about Caleb’s post about Conor and Christmas dinner!

Soon after that, the campers arrived and it was a joyous occasion! We greeted them in a typical Pine Cove way, by jumping, smiling, and cheering in the gauntlet. Then the campers got off the bus, most of them smiling excitedly.

There is no better way to kick off camp than with a relay race and that is just what we did! The kids got really into it and the counselors did a great job of bringing excitement. After the relay we came inside and taught the campers the dances we went over the day before. Most of them were pretty quick learners and they enjoyed watching us being silly while we were dancing. Hopefully all of these things made our campers feel welcome as we aimed to greet them with the love and excitement of Jesus!

At last, our campers were paired with their counselors. This was a special time as each camper was announced into their cabin and after this, the whole cabin took a picture together in a giant, colorful picture frame that our Honduran friends had designed. The rest of the night was spent with introductions of the theme of the week, and our first club talk. We are going over the prodigal son parable this week. Pray that each of these children would see the great love of the father, flee from sin, and run into God’s arms, just as the younger brother eventually did!

Funny Mispoken Spanish of the day: Jerad was trying to explain the classic camp game kajabi can-can to our local leaders. He said that during the game we hold “cuerdo des nudas” trying to communicate that we play with “ropes with knots.” Instead what he communicated is that we will have “naked ropes.” What he meant to say was “cuerdo con nudos.” It was a hilarious moment! Much laughter and joking ensued. Fortunately, we will have no activity with “naked ropes”at camp this week.

We have not been able to send pictures yet! As soon as we figure out some technical difficulties, we will post a blog full of them!