Bienvenidos a la Republica Dominicana

Posted Jan 3, 2016

We made it!!!   

We are so excited to be here in the Dominican Republic! The national team has been so amazing and welcomed us with singing, dancing, a nice lasagna meal, and some awesome medieval crowns.

We had our first two training sessions with the teams. Tonight we talked about who we are,  and why we are here. Also we taught the national staff our Pine Cove motto and the saying, “No Se Trata De Me”, which means “It’s not about me”. They have been so eager and welcoming! We definitely feel like a part of the family here in the DR! Now we are ready to get some shut eye!

One very important update:

Luggage – as of right now all our luggage is still in Miami. It is all together and safe and we have been in communication with American Airlines all afternoon. Our luggage somehow stayed in Miami and did not make it on the plane to Santo Domingo. We had the airline put it on another plane that arrived tonight and we were scheduled to pick it up; however that flight was cancelled.

As of right now the plan is that American Airlines will deliver our luggage to our camp property tomorrow after lunch time.

I know this is very frustrating; however everyone on the trip is doing great and has had amazing attitudes. We told everyone before we left this morning to pack an extra set of clothes and necessities in their carry on just in case this happened, and that has helped. Also, the national team has extra new toothbrushes and toothpaste, some towels, and soap.

We are taking the matter seriously, but also we are thankful that we are all here safe, even without our luggage. We will update you tomorrow and let you know when the luggage arrives.

Pray for the following:

1. Luggage to arrive quickly

2. Creativity to run activity classes without the equipment we had in our luggage. Our staff is our program, not our stuff!

3. The three training sessions in the morning. That everyone would be attentive and that we would teach with excellence and humility

4. The campers who will arrive around lunch time tomorrow. That we would greet them with the love of Christ and serve them in His name for His glory!

5. Our national staff. That they would have wisdom and joy to help lead camp as well as the vision to humbly serve these campers as we come alongside them.

6. Rest for our team. God is so good and we can truly rest in His sovereignty. May we do that for sure, and may we get some great physical rest tonight before camp starts tomorrow.

Thankful for all of you!

Buenas Noches!

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  1. So proud of all of you for having the courage and faith to make this
    trip. When Samantha told me about it I was really worried. But the Lord
    Gave me peace and reminded me that he sends us into the mission field with Him as our armor, and the most important places to witness are often the most dangerous of all! Vaya con Dios! Praying for you all as you witness and bring lost souls to be saved!!!!