Right now the kids are in bible study. This is one of our most important times of the day because it is when the gospel is directly being preached to the kids. Today the bible study is from the book of Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego when the king forces each person in the kingdom to pray to the king and no one else. They get caught by the king and are thrown in a furnace. God saves them from the furnace because they have stayed loyal to God.



This story aligns with the theme of our bible study, which is “God is First.” As today’s is titled “God’s commandments are first,” they learn about this story in the bible and how these men chose to put God first and obey His commandments.

We had worship time before the bible study. We sang some up tempo songs that had everyone jumping around and singing to God! Sorry that some of the photos are blurry, kids are jumping so fast!







There was also a skit beforehand so that the kids could see a great example of putting God first or not. A king came in the room and said he has made a new rule. Since the Spirit Stick was so important, everyone should bow down to it. Two of the citizens bowed down but one did not. The king asked him why he did not bow to the Spirit Stick and he said, “I have only one God, I will not bow to you.” At that moment the king sent his guards to take him away. The kids cheered for this man, knowing that he made the right decision to stand for God.