Amigos y familia, hoy llegaron los campistas! (Friends and family, the campers arrived today!) Nariz Navidad or Ally Fraustro here!

We welcomed about seventy campers this morning and had an incredible first day. The average temperature during the winter days in la Republica Dominica is at least 80 degrees during the day. This wonderful heat means we get to cool off in the water! We spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and sliding down a giant tarp into the river and it was a blast!

What’s been the most incredible thing for me is translating for people. I am from Mexico and therefore fluent in Spanish, but never realized what a blessing it is to speak two languages. I am just left in total awe at how God plans our lives. I can now see that moving to Texas at age eight was not just for my dad’s job. It was for me to learn English, to fall in love with the Lord, to work at Pine Cove where God taught me that my talents are to be used for His glory, and ultimately to spread the gospel in both languages. What a blessing it is to be able to communicate with two different cultures and help them become one as God intends, united as brothers and sisters. We may speak two languages but we are ONE body. I knew coming into this trip that I would be doing a lot of translating but I had not expected to actually be on stage translating for our leaders word for word, or even leading games for our campers. Now that I have been able to experience this first hand, I have truly recognized how I can honor God with the gifts He has given me. I constantly pray that God uses me as his instrument, and here I am with prayers answered!

-Ally Fraustro

(Philip and Jose creating a plan for welcoming campers)