We’re about to meet together as a PC team to end the night and as were waking back, we hear the sounds of Nicaraguan kids doing the Towers cheer! So cool!

There was lots of cheering today as well as dancing and as always…FOOD. Haha. We eat snack before and after lunch everyday! We even threw in a little arm wrestling for good measure…rest assured that was started by them cause none of us wanted that!

Pitch Black Attack…Latin America style! It happened! The campers collected the gold from the secret agents that were testing the campers’ spy skills by seeing if they knew the secret handshake. They passed with flying colors! It was so fun to watch them sneak around camp and interact as groups!

Believe it or not, we’re about halfway through camp and it is going so great! The Lord is doing great things. Today during Club, Parker shared his testimony through our translator and shared how he was transformed when he began to understand that his faith is about a relationship and not about rules. It was great! It also hits home with this culture because they are so big on rules. It was good for the kids to hear that faith is not rules or tradition. After that we got to pray for many of the kids that came forward.

Please continue to pray for us. The cabins and local counselors are still trying to find ways to better bond and come together. Pray that we stay healthy, have energy and good rest, and get opportunities to invest into the staff and campers.

Thanks for the blog comments (Blomments as we call them) and keep them coming! We will update you again tomorrow!