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Another Day, Another Horse

Posted Jan 6, 2017

Hola from Peru, Analiese here with a few thoughts from today! From thefundraising to short naps in the airport to calculating how many hours it had been since our last showers during our 28+ hours of travel time, camp here can not be more fun or worth it! We LOVE all of our Peruvian friends and co-counselors here at camp and get more excited each day about what we can learn from them. We have all noticed how humble and hardworking they are and I am loving soaking it all in and observing the way they serve those around them … not to mention they can cook! In my short time helping in the kitchen, I noticed how fresh everything was and how they put hard work into everything they do and are proud of a job well done (another thing I could learn from). All that goes to say, we love the food, which is usually rice and veggies, accompanied by a typical warm green tea or sweet warm milk drink! Meal times are a lot of fun as we are trying to incorporate some Spanish versions of cheers we do at camp back home, ending in everyone cheering “tiempo para lavar”! (Time to wash!) Check out our evil skit villain, King Queso! Schedules vary here (also learning from their relaxed attitude and people oriented culture versus our strict culture revolving around the clock!!!) so today’s schedule was a little different from yesterday’s. Pool time was fun and rambunctious- a great time to build trust with campers and learn the discipline of putting on sunscreen… a LOT of sunscreen. Activity classes are great too. Today, Taylor and I got to play human foosball with the campers which is a newone, but again we are impressed by the simplicity yet creative way of doing things here. So FUN! I don’t really play soccer so being stuck in one place kind of took the pressure off, lol!! Last night, TJ asked me if I would chat with the campers and give them a spiritual application after they rode horses this afternoon. Our partners always have great ideas and it was fun brainstorming with Analú this morning. I was thrilled to do so because those of you who know me know I love horses, and incorporating Spanish and Jesus with that was so much fun! First, we went over a few facts about horses. (The campers loved finding out that horses sleep standing up.) Then, Jaime would take them a few laps around the corral and they would usually giggle and hold on tightly- except for little José who claims he is a professional. Then, they would sit back down and we went over similarities between horses and people. Just as horses are herd animals and are always found together in a pasture, people need community as well, and as believers, we desperately need Christian community, as 1 John 1:7 tells us. Horses are also known to run away from their problems if they are afraid. Sound familiar? The campers sure related to that and we were able to talk about how we should seek God and pray instead of just fleeing. Lastly, we talked about James 3:3 and how bits in horses’ mouths allow us to guide them, just as the Lord guides us in the way we talk to others. Riding a horse for the first time is often bumpy and life isn’t always smooth either. Relying on the Lord is key! Overall, we are loving our time interacting with everyone here and allowing the Lord to teach us much. Our Timbers staff shared with each other last night about our previous semesters and it was a sweet, vulnerable and encouraging time for everyone on our team together. I am very thankful to be here and don’t want to leave any time soon!

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  1. Loved this post Analiese! Thanks for sharing all of this! I bet everyone is so appreciating your Spanish skills! Love the sweet applications y’all are doing with the kids at activity classes.

    And I love King Queso! ?? Love all of you! Praying!