So 4am seemed to roll around sooner than normal, but our team was ready to tackle the day! We left the church we were staying at, got through ticketing and security quickly, and boarded our flight from Dallas to Houston. Then the fight left us and this happened:



We all crumbled under the tiredness and used the Houston airport as our personal lounge. We used food, sleep, card games, and some phone calls to loved ones to pass the 8 hour layover. And now we are moments from loading our plane bound for Liberia, Costa Rica!

Please stay connected to our journey through this blog! Leaving comments are a great way to bless and encourage our staff each night, so feel free to give some shoutouts, we’ll be sure to relay them. And most of all, please continue to pray for our trip, and for The Lord to show up BIG this week in our lives and the lives of the Ticos at camp!