And it Begins!!!!

Posted Jan 4, 2016


Here is a quick post with pictures of our first day of camp! It has been an amazing start to the week as over 50 campers arrived today for our first 3-day session. They’ve  already done so much. Here’s just a few of the things: 

1. Learned all the Pine Cove Cheers (in both English and Spanish)

2. Learned tons of Pine Cove dances!

3. Had activity classes! Just to name a few – a water slide into a river, ultimate frisbee, arts and crafts, pool, archery, & of course baseball.

4. Got to worship and dance during Pine Cove Club.

5. Got to hear a message from Colossians 3 about what it looks like to have a seated position in Christ and Salvation in Him alone! Talked about what it looks like to put God as your everything, and above all other things. 

6. Got to play a night game called “Lights and Sounds” and learned what it looks like to work together as a team. 

It has been a packed day, and guess what? Tomorrow we have EVEN MORE! Praise the Lord for such an amazing opportunity!










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