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An Egg-cellent Day

Posted Jan 8, 2018


Another incredible day has wrapped up here in Panama! Words will not do this day justice, but I will do my best to explain what went down!

Today started with the most delicious watermelon and ended with some coke floats! In between the good food, I saw nothing but joy-filled faces and laughter! We had a morning of bible study and fun workshops that included cooking classes and some of our guys getting their hair braided! In the afternoon, we had a variety of water activities! Let me tell you, this was a HUGE hit!! It went from attempting to stay dry to everyone being soaked head to toe! The pictures will explain the excitement here! After a quick snack, we had an Outback favorite once again, EGG-ROULETTE!! 12 eggs. Raw or boiled. Pick a number and hope that it isn’t raw. If it is… oh well!! Seeing the smiles on the kids faces made it SO worth it!

Before coke floats, we had an awesome time worshipping our God. Again, something words cannot explain. There was a room full of worship and prayer, both in English and Spanish. It goes to show that we don’t have to understand the language to be moved by God and see the impact that He is having here in Panama!

Please continue praying for our last few days here! We ask that you give thanks for all that He has done so far and that He would continue to keep His hand over this camp! His plan is greater than we could ever imagine and we know that we wouldn’t believe what He still has in store, even if we were told. (Habakkuk 1:5)

Stay tuned for more!

Bailee Bruce and JD Burt

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