We have just experienced our first full day in Costa Rica and it has been incredible! After walking and exploring our gorgeous campground, we were treated to a breakfast. This breakfast consisted of wonderful Costa Rican coffee, so wonderful!


We were able to enjoy the morning outside, relaxing and soaking in the perfect weather while we waited for some friends to arrive. When the Ticos settled in we began our activity class training and prepared for our little Ticos that will be arriving TOMORROW MORNING!!!

After training we were able to hang out with the Ticos and some neighborhood kids that came to play! We were then surprised with a sightseeing tour of the area around us. We set off on our trip down the busy road that led us to a cow/house pasture. We climbed under the fence and started on hike that showed off so much of the Lord’s great and perfect work. Our group was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery that was around us! And just when we thought our traip was over, our tour guide yoked two incredibly large bulls and let us take pictures on them (some of the picture may or may not have included spears…)


After our long trek, we returned home where we very hungrily ate our dinner! Now our group is enjoying time in each other’s company and resting again.

Tomorrow morning our first wave of campers arrive, so please keep them in your prayers as they travel and are exposed to the Gospel for possibly the first time. Also pray for us!



We love and miss you guys!

Hasta Luego!