Today was great! We feel like new people after getting a full night of sleep last night. We spent the day at our team’s church and doing some training and team bonding.  We played some ice breakers and we laughed a lot together, which is definitely an answered prayer!  

While we were at the church today, Tuty (their camp director) told us how their church building, which is very nice, was donated by a man in Kansas. She also told us and showed us pictures of families from their church that are currently missionaries in other countries. It struck me how cool it is to see the body of Christ at work, for each other, all over the world:

A man in Kansas donates a church in El Salvador –> a church in El Salvador sends missionaries all over the world –> those missionaries impact all those countries …meanwhile, a group of Americans come to the church a man in Kansas donated to partner with a group of passionate people who want to learn how to do camp –> they invite people from the neighborhood around their church to attend camp –> those kids go home and tell their families…and so on and so on. God is just so awesome and he pursues his people and uses his people for His glory and purposes.

Then, we also ran through the skit for the week, which had us cracking up. The local team is responsible for the skits this year and they did awesome in planning it!
{skit practice}

Everyone on our team has done an awesome job of jumping right in and trying new things and new foods! We are so excited to START CAMP tomorrow! 

Prayer requests:

-That our team would be courageous and jump in even though we don’t know the language.

-That the kids’ hearts would be soft to hearing the Gospel this week.

-That kids would feel loved by us even though we don’t speak their language. 

We are so excited and I will post pics of camp tomorrow!

Until then,

Tu Confidentes (your counselors šŸ™‚