All Together

Posted Jan 3, 2016

We have all arrived together here at the church before our plane takes off early tomorrow morning. This evening has been full of getting to know each other and seeing old friends. We have sat through some orientation sessions that taught us more of why we are doing this trip. 
The teaching has included why are we blessed to be able to go on this trip? What will we be doing on this trip with Pine Cove. We learned how to have a safety first mindset. And we also now see our purpose in our mission this week in El Salvador. It has been cool to hear from the leaders that have been preparing for these 10 trips to 8 different countries all year long. 
We are ready to go and will get a little sleep tonight before or trip. Below is the flights for us tomorrow and when we come back. Also is a link to track and watch us as we fly that way!
To El Salvador 
American 2236 
1/3/2016 – DFW to Miami – Depart: 6:10 AM – Arrive: 9:50 AM
American 925 
1/3/2016 – Miami to San Salvador Depart: 11:10 AM – Arrive : 12:58 PM

Back Home
American 2294 
1/12/2016 – San Salvador to DFW – Depart: 8:55 AM Arrive: 12:41 PM
We really want to encourage you to pray for us as we are learning more about our trip and as we travel tomorrow! Some of us are setting our alarms on our watches to go off at 11am to pray for our families and friends back home. If you want, do the same to pray for us. 
We will update you from the airport tomorrow. 

Your favorite City team!

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