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All of My Life, In Every Season, You are Still God.

Posted Jan 11, 2016

Blog written by George “Caps Lock” Hornok.

Today marked the end of camp. We had about 60 or so middle and high schoolers board a large bus and head back to their various homes. Later in the day, we also had the opportunity to spend some time with our Nicaraguan team (now dear friends). It was such a blessing to be able to relax and bond with them. They have been so kind and generous to us. I cannot even begin to explain my gratitude. We also had some opportunities to rest and reflect on the week. I was able to process some of how God worked through us and in us in a mighty way.   


 There are some lessons that tend to repeat themselves, and no matter how hard we run from them, the Lord always reminds us of what we are learning. I often find myself saying, “Again? I thought I finished this lesson three months ago!” I guess that’s why God is God and I am not! But I also believe that some of these lessons are eternal lessons that we will always be learning. This week, I was blessed to be reminded of one of those lessons. 
Reflecting back on this week, if I am honest with myself, I had a rocky take off. Once I moved passed the “awe” factor of hearing a new language, it became extremely difficult to communicate and bond with our Nicaraguan team. I struggled with feeling off-balance and out of place. More so, I knew that my thoughts were centered on myself. I kept telling myself our slogan that we use so often at Pine Cove, “it’s not about me,” but focusing on the fact I was being self-centered seemed to further the issue. Go figure! I spent a lot of time asking the Lord, “Why do you have me here? What is your purpose for me in this place?” Through some special conversations and some alone time with the Lord, God reminded me of His faithfulness. He reminded me that the same God who loved me yesterday also loved me today. He reminded me that in my inconsistent wavering, he is consistently holy, good, true, loving, just, and kind. His plan is perfect and will be established no matter the condition or circumstance. I am reminded of Job 42:2 which says, “I know that you can do all things and no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” What a mind-blowing concept that God’s plans are flawless and cannot be changed, altered, or ruined.  

 As believers, living by faith rises to a new level when we must trust that God is working even in the seasons of dryness when we don’t see past the difficulty. His revealing of his work is a gift, not an entitlement. I don’t deserve to see his work, but he allows me to see some of his work. And indeed we have seen his work this week. I don’t need to rewrite what my teammates and friends have already so beautifully written, but God has allowed us to partake in the glory of his creation, the beauty of his healing, and the comfort of his sovereignty. 

Yes, camp in Nicaragua is great, but the faithfulness of the God that we serve is far greater. He is faithful to use us for his glory, faithful to use us for the furthering of his kingdom, and faithful to use us despite ourselves. Our salvation is a testament to his faithfulness, and his daily forgiveness reminds us of this truth. 

So, we have been blessed beyond our finite imaginations. And God reminded me this week of something that I had been told so many times before but had just forgotten: “I have been blessed to be a blessing.” Of course we have been blessed with means and opportunity, but we have been blessed with God’s faithfulness. And it is our responsibility to share this blessing with others and to bless others with the news of this blessing. In closing, I love Psalm 57:9-11: “I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” As they say here in Nicaragua, “Amen y amen.” 

P.S. As I am writing this, we are swimming in a crystal clear pool on top of a volcano that is on an island in the only lake that has lake sharks… #itsahardknocklife

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  1. Sweet sweet George, killing it as always. Such truth in this blog. Proud of you and the rest of the team for your willingness to serve. I know y’all made a huge impact in Nicaragua. Love you man and praying y’all have a safe trip back to the states!