It was a big night for our campers. The Argentina staff and our pine cove staff worked very hard to make it an impactful night for the campers. They went to stations and there was an activity for them to do at each one. They dealt with things inside like what their worth is to Jesus and thought about what things they need to give up to him.

At the end, they all gathered in the dining hall to watch a skit that the pine cove staff prepared. It was a drama performed to the song “All I Want” by Lifehouse. We were able to find it in Spanish which helped so much. It was a powerful time and the drama team did an incredible job displaying he struggle of man and the mercy of God!

Please pray for the campers, that they would know Jesus and pray for the staff. Pray for strength and encouragement as they minister to these kids for two more days!

Staffer testimonial…
“I love the people in Argentina. It’s so cool to see Jesus through them even though I can’t speak their language very well.” – Jon Michael “Sweats” Cude