Must come to an end, as the saying goes. And we sure did end it with a Bang!!

Yesterday was our day off to be able to see the sights that Costa Rica had to offer. After a night off fantastic relaxation in some Volcano heated Hot Springs, we had a day planned for us by our contact, Johnny. All week he had talked about a “surprise” he had in store, and he sure did!

We left camp and began slowly dropping our Tico teammates back off in their towns, making our way to our final destination. We pulled around to Panama Beach, or Playa Panama, and thought we would be dropped off for a fun day playing on the beach. Turns out, Johnny used his connections to get us 5 rooms at the 4-star resort sitting right on the beach! His surprise was a day and night at Casa Conde where all food and drinks were inclusive in the hotel reservation, and unlimited pool and beach access. So what else could we do than LIVE IT UP!!




After the initial shock wore off, which took a solid couple hours of playing on the beach, soaking in the pools, catching some rays, and ordering as many snacks as possible, we decided to dress up for dinner and end our time around a fire on the beach sharing our favorite memories from the trip and lessons we learned.





And then…we slept in some of the world’s most comfortable beds! It was a great night of rest for our journey home! They sent us on our way with a prepackaged breakfast sandwiches and fruit, and now we are sitting in the Houston Airport wondering how it was ended so quickly. We are just minutes away from boarding our last flight to Dallas. Our team will be dispersed, and our Costa Rica trip will officially be over. But we will be able to forever remember the salvation we saw The Lord work in the lives of some of our campers this week, and the lessons we were able to learn from our Tico brothers and Sisters! Thank you all so much for supporting us in many different ways. Much of the fruit of the trip came about because of your willingness to give and pray to The Lord, that he would Act and Move in mighty ways. And Praise The Lord that he did just that out of His lovingkindness!

We are excited to share more with you all as soon as Possible! And once again, PURA VIDA!!!!