Adios Campamento! 

Posted Jan 10, 2017

Hola amigos and familia!! Claire here. Today was our last day at camp with our awesome Paraguayan campers. Yes, some tears were shed… but how sweet it is to have a great week building friendships that are worth shedding a tear when it’s time to say “see ya later.” 

Last night, my campers all gathered in our cabaña before bedtime and talked. (I mostly listened because my Spanish is a work in progress…) The girls shared some of the lessons they learned this week and what they learned about Jesus. It was so cool to hear. There were a few important things I wanted them to know and I didn’t want my broken Spanish to mess it up, so I whipped out my phone and translated this… I wanted them to know that Jesus loves them and He is always with them. I told them I hope they accept Jesus into their hearts so if I don’t see them again in this life, I will see them in Heaven!! How cool!! I’ve been learning a lot… especially about control. For example, I so badly want to guarantee that these girls will have a good life, be safe and happy. But God continues to remind me that the lives of these girls are safer in His hands than they are in mine. And I trust Him. 

After the campers left today, we got to do a little tourism! We went to Asunción!! 

We shopped a little in a mercado, had some refreshing ice cream, and saw the President of Paraguay’s office!

 It was really fun to walk around the city and see the sights! We are looking forward to some good rest tonight and another fun tourist day tomorrow!! Adios for now! Dios te bendiga!

We can’t wait to find out what we’ll be doing for tourism day tomorrow, it’s a surprise! 

Things we learned today:

1. Ice cream is just as delicioso in Paraguay as it is in the US. Maybe more. 

2. You can wear the same shirt 4 times throughout the week for opening and closing camp without washing it, but we can’t guarantee you won’t smell. 

3. Lil Leche can’t come home with us ?

Please continue to pray for safety in our travels and that God would be glorified in us! 

Can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow! 

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